Keystone National Search Firm Advantage

We have the real estate industry knowledge, historical perspective, and current data that is integral to completing successful executive searches nationally. We've focus all of our energy in your niche, and we can provide scope and depth that a recruiting generalist lacks. Because we have been following thousands of real estate executives' careers over a long period of time, we can quickly recognize when candidates are embellishing resumes or hiding the truth.  Because we spend our days speaking with people at all levels in real estate, we hear the "stories" from many angles and we understand the markets better for it. Because we know your competitors, we are able to pinpoint which companies we should target to find talent that is the most capable of contributing to your real estate firm. Also, by using us, you will likely weaken your competition while making your team stronger with their key players.


Once you've gotten to know us, you will find that we are very good at attracting the right individuals for your specific needs and won't burden you with inappropriate candidates. This is because we'll spend hours with individuals learning their strengths and weaknesses, to validate a match with your needs, prior to sharing their information with you.  Many people in our industry have come to associate us with our client firms over the years. This has resulted in our ability to introduce them, and hopefully you, to real estate's best executive talent.


We will detail a candidate's personality, goals, accomplishments, earnings, and other information along with their resume to better help you decide if they are someone that you should take the time to meet with.  We will always present you with the "whole truth" regarding a candidate. We have learned that the "whole truth" best serves you, regarding the ins and outs about the individuals you are considering, and greatly aids your ability to prioritize candidates.


We can help you evaluate your firm's perception in the market or with other issues you might not know that you have.  We do this by relaying pertinent information that we hear in the course of a search to you directly.  By hearing your peers' views about your company, you will gain valuable insight into your reputation, compensation packages, leadership ability, and sustainability, which can help you with your market strategy moving forward. 


We will represent you with the utmost respect, and confidentiality, throughout the process as our main objective is to earn your trust and establish a solid relationship as a partner for your growth strategy.

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