Our proven process is tailored to meet each employer's need but consistently includes:


Specification Definition - Our consultants will spend as much time as you will allow with all of the individuals involved in your hiring process.  By doing this, we will collectively create a position description, but more importantly, we will learn about your company's culture, past successes, future goals,  and your key players' personalities.  This will greatly aid our ability to screen individuals that will compliment your existing executive team.


Due Diligence - Since the face of real estate is constantly changing, we approach every search by studying your competitors and the marketplace to ensure that we will contact every appropriate individual for your executive search and not just the ones we already know.


Recruitment - We will personally contact everyone that our research indicates is a possibility for your opportunity.  Although we are big believers in technology, we do not feel that mass emails can highlight the intangibles of your company or answer initial questions that passive candidates might want answered about the position before moving forward.


Qualification - Your time is very valuable so we thoroughly scrutinize all candidates and eliminate any that don't meet the performance or behavioral standards that you require.  By doing this, you will be presented with a limited number of resumes but they will be ones that should qualify for the position or warrant further discussion. 


Interviews - We will coordinate all of the necessary interview arrangements for the entire executive search process.  If needed, we can help your hiring managers develop position specific interview questions to better assess the candidate pool.  At your request, we will conduct in-person first interviews with the candidates you would like us to meet.


References - We pay careful attention to attaining detailed references from pertinent supervisors, reports, and peers.  Using a structured format, we will present you specific references as additional methods of verifying the candidates real estate abilities.


Offer - We excel at being a partial intermediary between employers and candidates.  Our expertise at identifying and overcoming obstacles drastically increases your ability to attract the desired individual for your position.


Follow-up - Candidate integration and long-term retention are key facets to any successful hire. Knowing that you are busy, we will maintain occasional contact with you and placed executives to be sure expectations are being met.

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