Pricing / Guaranty

We spoke with hundreds of hiring managers within the real estate industry prior to forming our company to ensure that we can offer a pricing model unparalleled by other recruiters.

Our pricing was created to allow you to have the advantage of collaborating with a retained search firm while virtually mitigating the risks and costs that are associated with them. Plus, we will conduct searches at a substantial savings to you when compared to our national competitors.

Retained vs. Contingent - We do consider contingent searches on a case by case basis, but we typically request a small retainer to engage our services. The retainer is usually less than the cost that you would pay to most job posting sites, but it does ensure that we will stay aligned with you until the successful completion of your search.

Us vs. Competition - We will conduct your search in the utmost professional and timely manner while charging you less than other real estate executive search firms. We know our competition will ask for large retainers and that they will invoice you for 2nd and 3rd payments regardless of whether they have results or not. We also know that some other firms will try to incorporate additional fees that we consider as being a cost of doing business. We want your current and future business, so we won't treat you like other search firms do. Outside of the nominal retainer, we don't bill you until you've gotten an acceptance of an offer by a candidate.


Commission or Production Positions - If your position's compensation is commission or production oriented, please rest assured that we are experienced at overcoming any structure issues and that we can create an up-front agreement that is mutually agreeable and without surprises.


Additional/Administrative Fees - We do not charge any additional administrative or other fees.  We will invoice you for our travel expenses as incurred at no markup but only if you have requested and approved them beforehand. 

Guaranty - We will conduct another search and identify a suitable replacement for any candidate that leaves employment with you for any reason within 90 days.

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