We work with people at all levels of real estate's corporate ladder, but our focus is on middle to upper level executive searches.  Although we represent clients on their needs, and not the individual candidate's, we would like to get to know you better as our firm was founded on the desire to help people better themselves and their careers.

We've spoken with and met tens of thousands of real estate professionals over decades of time and we've consistently been told that we're different than other recruiters.  We understand that your time and talent is valuable and we respect that.  We can relate to your trials and tribulations because we work in the same industry as you and we also have experienced the ebbs and flows of its cyclic nature.


We are a retained search firm which means that our client has engaged us on a specific search for specific talent requirements.  This means you will not hear from us as frequently as a contingency recruiter that will market your background to multiple firms.  However, it does mean that when we approach you, it will be on a real position with a real company that we feel offers you an opportunity to better your career or the career of someone you may know.

We are extremely selective in partnering with new clients.  This is because many people have come to associate us with our customers and we want to uphold the strong reputation that we've worked so hard to achieve.

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