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Our client develops, acquires and operates high-quality apartment communities throughout the country. While they are a national company, they entrench themselves in their chosen markets – living and working in the communities where they operate. They combine their deep understanding of each market with 30+ years of expertise and a fresh innovative approach to the apartment industry, to build relationships and places in which people thrive – creating real and enduring value for their residents, investors and associates.

Project Superintendent                                     

General Description

The Project Superintendent is responsible for the supervision, organization, planning, and scheduling of the physical execution of the work and the leadership and management of the field forces.  In this capacity, the Project Superintendent directs the work of COMPANY’S direct forces and those of the subcontractors including coordination of subcontracts, drawings, and specifications.  In addition, the Project Superintendent is responsible for maintaining professional and productive relationships with the Owner and the Architect as well as effective coordination with COMPANY staff and executives.


Fifteen or more years of supervising projects independently.

      1. Ability to direct estimating, purchasing, engineering, accounting, and construction functions.
      2. Experience in pre-construction service abilities.
      3. Effective communication skills: oral, written, and listening.
      4. Uses tact, discretion, good judgment, initiative, self-expression and is resourceful.
      5. Ability to think clearly, retain information, analyze problems and handle multiple tasks.
      6. Demonstrate strong working knowledge of various computer systems, including word processing, spreadsheet, and Microsoft Project scheduling software.
      7. Must be fully versed in job cost accounting.
      8. Ability to create initial project schedules and to analyze project schedule impacts.
      9. Ability to recognize and solve problems pro-actively using good judgment and ingenuity.
      10. Ability to make timely and correct decisions within the scope of the Superintendent’s responsibilities.
      11. Promotes and is responsible for project safety.
      12. Ability to provide leadership to subordinates.
      13. Promotes the interests of the Company and its clients in all matters.
      14. Possesses a high ethical standard, is honest, and provides fair and equitable treatment of others and in all decision making, instilling such behavior in all employees.
      15. Upholds the legal and regulatory requirements of the city, state, and federal governments.


The Superintendent is accountable to the Project Manager.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

      1. Superintendents have the overall responsibility for monitoring the quality of work performed on the project and for maintaining a safe project.  In addition, they have an obligation to monitor project costs and to take necessary action to minimize expenses and/or maximize profits while maintaining quality.
      2. Schedule the work.  Along with the Project Manager and key subcontractors, participate in the development of the overall project schedule.  In addition, develop and maintain short interval schedules to comply with the time frames in the CPM.  Update all schedules to maximize performance.  Must be able to use a computer and all related software programs.
      3. Superintendents must thoroughly understand the Construction and Contract Documents including the subcontract agreements, all addenda, plans and specifications.  Superintendents should attend and participate in pre-construction meetings to establish a plan for smooth transitions between estimating/project management to the field.  They should also keep Project Managers apprised of any situations that may impede project progress.
      4. Coordinate all on-site activities of subcontractors and suppliers with specific attention to schedule, quality, clean up and compliance with plans and specification.  Resolve and document all construction related design issues with the involvement of the Architect, and Engineer of Record.
      5. Verify that Subcontractors are submitting all shop drawings required by the Construction Documents.  Perform a final check of the shop drawings after the Assistant Superintendent has finished a complete review and before Project Engineer sends submittal to the Architect.
      6. Participate in the development and implementation of appropriate portions of the jobsite quality plan.
      7. Working with the Project Engineer/APM, see that all required permits needed by COMPANY or subcontractors for temporary and construction work are obtained in a timely manner.
      8. Monitor subcontractor’s compliance with project schedule and its critical path to insure the completion of each component of the project by its target date.
      9. Create punch lists for trades as they complete a section of work for compliance with code and contract documents.  Resolve punchlist in a timely manner consistent with project schedule.

    Secondary Duties and Responsibilities

      1. Solicit and negotiate bids for miscellaneous sections of work not included in the major buy-out by Estimating and the Project Manager. Review and forward to Project Manager for review, approval and issuance of a contract or purchase order.  There will be a minimum of three bids per line item required.
      2. Purchase of miscellaneous materials during the course of construction         not included in major buy-out.  Purchase exceeding $1,000.00 must be approved by the Project Manager.  Prepare and distribute all purchases per COMPANY procedures.  Forward all completed purchase orders, after material is received, to Operations Manager on a weekly basis.
      3. Plan and review the construction program with the Project Manager including procedures, job layout, equipment, systems, and manpower.
      4. Work with the Project Engineer to establish the requirements and to procure temporary construction services (per the "COMPANY Site Utilization Plan").
      5. Have complete knowledge of the job estimate and take steps to correct work if it is at risk of not being performed within the estimate.
      6. Assist with the planning and obtaining of necessary hoisting equipment for the project.  Review with Project Manager prior to commitment.
      7. Examine all construction drawings and specifications for constructability, potential code violations.
      8. Assist with the  COMPANY new-hire orientation training and  policies are  properly administered throughout the life of the project.
      9. Schedule and chair pre-construction meetings with the subcontractors/ architect and engineers to prepare them for upcoming work.
      10. Responsible for the implementation and enforcement of all jobsite safety procedures in compliance with OSHA and COMPANY procedures.  Conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings with subcontractors.
      11. Coordinate, direct and monitor the activities of the subcontractors and suppliers based on subcontractor Scope of Work, and all approved project documents.  This includes all aspects of safety and quality and requires that the Project Superintendent hold regularly scheduled subcontractor coordination meetings.
      12. Work with the Project Manager and the Project Engineer in scheduling and expediting the delivery of materials and equipment furnished by COMPANY and subcontractors, and assume the primary responsibility for their timely delivery.
      13. Handle all labor relations on the project, obtaining help when required from the Project Manager, Operations Manager, or labor relations representative.
      14. Maintain positive relations with the public, governmental authorities, Development, Architect, Engineer and all others involved with the project.
      15. Schedule inspections as required.  Develop and maintain sound relationships with project’s building officials and inspectors.  Coordinated and/or resolve code-related design issues with Subcontractor, Architect and Engineer of record.  Document all changes via RFI’s or potential change order is Prolog.
      16. Help assist with training COMPANY field forces including subordinate supervisory personnel.
      17. Manage the necessary security for the project.
      18. Maintain an up-to-date daily job diary documenting the progress of the job including weather conditions, subcontractor manpower, rental equipment logs, inspections, visitors, material delivery logs and critical path schedule items as well as noting any problem areas that affect the timely completion of the planned activities.
      19. Produce daily diaries and other information necessary for the preparation of the monthly project reports for the Project Manager.
      20. Maintain As built drawings continually with monthly subcontractor input.  Finalize as builts upon completion of the work.  Correspond with Project Manager regarding hold of payment until all updates are received.
      21. Ensure that appropriate notices are given, and communicate with the main office concerning weather changes, impact, delays, etc.
      22. Coordinate, direct and schedule all test and inspection activities of agencies and governmental authorities.  See that all required corrections are made and that disputes are satisfactorily resolved.  Maintain all appropriate records for tests and inspections.
      23. Review performance and costs of all project operations and take action as required to correct problems.  Keep the Project Manager and Senior Project Manager informed at all times regarding cost situations. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
      24. Expedite all site needs - subcontractors, material, construction equipment, and labor.
      25. Keep the Project Engineer advised of all revisions and changes made in the field.
      26. Coordinate subcontractors through a regular and disciplined series of meetings wherein their plans and efforts are questioned, verified, augmented, and when necessary, changed to ensure the desired result.
      27. Meet with supervisors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to communicate production expectations and their results as recognized through the cost reporting system.
      28. Verify all cost coding, both labor and material, is properly coded.  Check and sign all invoices and time cards.
      29. Participate with the Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Operations Manager in the timely preparation of the monthly request for payment.  Review with and obtain prompt approvals from the Architect and Owner.
      30. Manage and maintain the project schedule, subcontractor specialty schedules, short interval schedule, etc. as required to guide construction to a successful completion.
      31. Administer and verify that back charges are being processed.  Prepare necessary paperwork.  Control the issue of back charges to avoid adverse relationships.  Never allow back charges to stack up until the end of the month.  (ALL BACKCHARGES TO BE PROCESSED WEEKLY)
      32. Assure the continuing development of the job staff through performance evaluations, varying assignments, training and maintaining positive project morale.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

      1. Assist in the review and selection of subcontractor and suppliers by reviewing scopes of work, bid analysis, and schedule of appropriate personnel.
      2. Identify and make recommendations regarding project risks including safety/loss control, subcontractor/supplier issues, differing site conditions, schedule, change orders, document conflicts, etc.
      3. Assure that COMPANY is a good neighbor in the community surrounding the project.
      4. Maintain a clean and efficient onsite office.
      5. Conduct all business in a fair and ethical manner.
      6. Conduct weekly production meetings with Subcontractor, and/or third party consultants as required by contract documents and schedule of project.

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